Monday, October 29, 2007

Nerduary Halloween Week Celebration: Day 1

It's the week of Halloween, so to celebrate, I'm going to put up a *full* classic horror movie today through Friday, 'cause I love all of you so much.

Remember, if you look in a mirror and say "Jake is a cultural phenomenon" three times, you'll wake up with me over you in the middle of the night, asking if you have any ice cream and Magic Shell in the kitchen.

It's "The Last Man on Earth," starring Vincent Price. Written by Richard Matheson, based on his story "I Am Legend..." which is incidentally coming out soon starring Wil Smith.

And yes, the movie's public domain. We're not getting sued over this.

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the Real Joe Ben said...

you rock! I've been wanting to see that movie for a long time, just never made the effort to find it. I love the book. I'm surprised the name Richard Matheson doesn't generate more attention. If you haven't seen or read something that he wrote, you've seen or read something influenced by something he wrote. I know of at least two Simpsons Tree House of Horror segments that are parodies of his stories. I'm rambling...