Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A picture's worth a thousand "What the fuck!?"s

Time to once again delve into Ratner's depravity-filled obscenity of a movie, now called X3: The Last Stand.

Today we focus on what should be and what actually is. Some would call this irony, I mostly call it shitty filmmaking.

Colossus should be:


We all know this is the comic book Colossus and very hard to replicate on screen. However, we were all thrilled with this version from X2.

Colossus is:

This is just Daniel Cudmore in tinfoil. Even though the 2nd is better, they should have stuck with the X2 version.

Juggernaut should be:

Again, you're not really gonna get this very well on screen with out CGI.

Juggernaut is:

Vinnie Jones in a bad body suit.

Here it doesn't look so bad. Well I mean, so fake.

The Beast should be::

Way better than the newly secondary mutation/cat-like Beast we have lately

The Beast is:

I got nothing. Now that I've seen these newer stills, I'm actually liking the makeup job.

Stacy X should be:

Left in the comic books because she was a shitty character.

Stacy X is:

Unfortunately in the damned movie. Ratner loses more points for including her. I'd rather see Chris Tucker as Bishop than Stacy X. Plus look at Callisto and Psylocke. *Groan*

I could go on and on, but I don't feel like it. I'm already kind of nauseas. So here I leave you all with a picture of one of the few redeeming things I have found thus far:

Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man (but I really want to see the t-shirt. I want to get a Multiple Man t-shirt)

Now, I'll admit it: I've been wrong before. A lot. So we have to still give the benefit of the doubt. They still have 3 months left to tweak it. But we can always raise hell later on if it sucks like I think it probably will.



Chris said...

That Juggernaut looks like complete and total shit. You've got to be kidding me. "Bad body suit" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Beast looks alright and Colossus doesn't look too bad, though they could have done a lot better.

Stacy X? The worst X-character ever? Good God...

Oppy00 said...

The body suit is crappy. Colossus looks fine to me though, at least in the pics Derek posted. I don't know who Stacy X is, which is probably good. I think Beast looks good, and I'd prefer a real person with make-up over CGI anyday. I think there is a lot more potential here than you guys are giving credit for. Although, maybe I'm looking at this as entertainment value, not truth in comic continuity.

Derek said...

Look at Colossus' eyes in the 1st X3 picture. You can see under his eyes. MAYBE they'll go back and fix it, but why would you release that picture until you did?

Oppy00 said...

D, you gotta look really close to notice that, and it still could be written off as lighting, or a wierd reflection.

Abby L. said...

I immediately noticed it. He looks like a smoother DOOM, or that one dude from that GI Joe show. Anyway. I'm jazzed as hell that Madrox is going to be in it, but the rest of it, especially the overloading, is making me unhappy.